Upstream Studio

Upstream Studio

is the place where I can focus on my different passions. After a career as Textile designer I look for a more authentic way to be creative and found it in Jewelry design and in making natural soaps.

For me those two creative processes are part of the same philosophy. I strive for durability, upgrading simplicity and  the joy of creating.

I hope I can share some of that joy with you.

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All Natural Handmade soap

In our family we have been trying hard to reduce single use plastic waste a few years now.  This was prooving to be a challenge.

But makers make the changes they want to see. Our stay in South of France inspired me to start making soap bars for our family. And the beginning of a new passion.

All soap is made with natural oils and butters, subtly scented with essential oils and coloured with herbs or clays.

Upstream studio Jewelry

Each piece is part of a small collection and is therefore unique.

It is my intention to upgrade seemingly simple materials to valuable pieces. I work with polymer clay made from natural ingredients like bees wax.

I make timeless, durable pieces so that you can express your personality without breaking the bank.

Moving away from chemicals and going back to the basics of nature has given our family a new approach to the ritual of bathing. Using a soap bar that produces a luscious creamy abundant lather, that cleans without drying your skin feels familiar and comforting.